The Number 1 Gadget for Effectively Working Out

March 23, 2015Exercise & Health Benefits Standard

Everyone wants the recipe to a perfect workout, getting into shape and ratcheting it all up with time but all of this can be really hard to achieve, especially being consistent. It can be an arduous task to maintain your routine because all of us go on a laziness streak which sometimes, ruins all of our hard work we put in getting here. We all need a motivation, something that reminds us how we spend our day. What are our activities and what our routine compromises of? Knowing how much calories you take and burn, how much you exercise or don’t; are the factors that make you assiduous about your health and more conscious about your routine. This knowledge will not only assist you to get out of bed but it will also help you surpass your recent records, improve your workout.

Obtaining such information would have been a tedious task in the past but this is the era of technology where wearable devices have a great influence, pioneers like Intel and Sony are on the top while new evolving companies like Basis and Withings are indulged in the chase. Fitness trackers make you more mindful about your activity level which can be a prime motivator and a huge step in getting fit. Most wearable devices are designed to be worn directly around your wrist, neck or to be clipped to your clothes. Fitness devices are actually highly evolved combination of other devices but through research and development, they have become smarter, more accurate and compact. New fitness trackers turn up on online shopping site almost every month with new and improved features but you have to be careful because a fitness tracker might not track everything, so you have to be vigilant about what you buy. Following are the features you can look for in a fitness tracker.

Movement Tracking

This is an evolved version of a simple device called pedometers. Mechanical pedometers age back to the times of Leonardo da Vinci who envisioned their use for military, but recent reviews on pedometers and activity trackers show that these devices have hugely evolved. They can track your walking, jogging and some can even translate your motion while bicycling.

Sleep Tracking

Sleep is a crucial factor of your health, sleeping too much or too less can affect your performance in an adverse way. It can deprive you from delivering your optimal in everything you do during the day. Knowing how much you sleep can help you maintain your health. You usually have to log your bed time and waking time and you can see graphs that depict when you were in light or deep sleep based on the motion detected.

Calories Burned

This feature can provide you with a great incentive to exercise more, walk your dog around the block once more or run one more lap during your session. Maintaining the amount of calories you burn in a day ensures that you stay in shape and healthy.

Heart Rate MonitoringHeart Rate Monitoring

Doctors believe that exercising at 60 or 80% of the maximum heart rate can help you make the most out of it, minimizes risk of cardiovascular or musculoskeletal injuries that might be inflicted as a consequence of straining yourself. Exercising in this heart rate target zone is possible with the feature of heart rate monitoring (HRM) that most of the latest fitness trackers possess.