Five Disadvantages of Becoming a Full-Time Photographer

July 9, 2016Fashion & Lifestyle Standard

There are so many articles, posts, videos and a whole lot more out there that will tell you that you should, by all means, pursue your passion. If photography is your passion, why should you work any other job when photographers get paid well? However, this article will not tell you otherwise. We are not discouraging you to pursue your passion at all. Instead, we are just presenting to you some truths that other people will fail to tell you. We are letting you know in advance what to expect because after all, no job and career is perfect. There will always be advantages and disadvantages, right?

So for this post, you will see some of the disadvantages or issues you may face as a full-time photographer. Don’t let this stop you from becoming one if that is your passion. But be prepared so that you can enjoy your new career even more.

1. You have to work for free at some point.

Especially if you’re just a beginner or an amateur photographer, you would have to work for free sometimes. This is the only way you can train yourself to become a good photographer and for you to gain skills that no book can ever teach you. You also have to build your own portfolio because you have to present this to potential clients or employers, otherwise, they won’t know that you’re good enough for the job.

2. No work – no pay.

Unless a company who will pay you with a monthly paycheck hires you, you will have to work, otherwise, you don’t get paid. There are days that you are just so tired and you want to take a “leave” or a day off but you can’t because you have bills to pay. There are also times when jobs are scarce and you won’t have any income. The good part though is that if you work hard and you do well, you have unlimited sources of income and you won’t have to rely on a fixed paycheck!

3. Equipment is expensive.

Rotor Copter ReviewsMore often than not, you have to invest on your own equipment. Some popular photographers are sponsored by companies while most would have to buy their own. Aside from your camera or cameras, you need a set of lenses, tripod, memory cards, extra batteries and a whole lot more. You also need to go along with the times and follow the trend. These days, many photographers have their own quadcopter. At RotorCopters, they show us that this is how they take overhead shots, which are always big hits among clients.

4. Time management is not as easy as it seems.

You own your time and you work according to your preferred schedule. If you don’t want to work on Sundays, then you can refuse jobs offered on Sundays. However, when you’re a photographer, especially as a freelancer, when jobs are around, it is difficult to refuse because these offers won’t last forever. It is up to you how you manage your time.

5. Anybody is free to criticize your work.

Last but not the least, anyone is free to criticize your work especially if it’s printed on magazines or published online. If you don’t like answering to your boss’ critics, then you would have to deal with critics from the rest of the world. It can get annoying sometimes especially when the comments come from those who know nothing about photography but you will have to accept it.